Work package 1: Spaces and practices

  • Review of containment documentation literature, site specific protocols, leaflets & posters & architectural layout plans.
  • Visually annotated graphic interviews – using layout plans: clinical staff: with infection & hygiene staff; estates and planning departments; architects & designers; patient interviews (graphic interview elicitation involving project artist – Lynne Chapman).

Work package 2: Pathways, Journeys and flow

  • Photographic walking interviews
  • Ethnographic observation: of physical interactions, waiting, meeting, hospitality, flow of people and objects, signage and visuals and lines of sight.

Work package 3: Imagining redesign

  • Small group co-design workshops at each clinic: presentations of core findings; display of visual data; concrete suggestions for redesign/repurposing; proposals for new spatial configurations, changes in practice; designs that are both modest and bold.